What impact will our solar pump have on your field and life?

The value that our solar pumps create for our farmers is invaluable. In this blog we would like to highlight several Features, Advantages, and Benefits (FAB) of using solar-powered Future Pump.

Let us start with the features. These pumps come with a warranty of 5 years. This means that you can use Future Pump for 5 years without any maintenance cost and hence no worries. Our experts also provide training to the workers during the time of installation to maintain the pump in good condition to increase the lifetime of the pump. The pumps are designed in a robust manner and they are resistant to bad weather and other natural external factors. The pumps can be supported to extend the suction depth of water. These pumps can work absolutely fine even without water being fed to the system. However, a care has to be that there is no stone or other hard object flowing through the suction pump. This is covered in a blog on using filters. The most important benefit of the pump is that it has zero operating cost because it 100% powered by renewable energy.

Few of the many advantages of using Future Pumps is that it has no electronics system that will fail, it is operationally reliable, and the pump can handle solids like sand and grit. These pumps are manufactured in a way that you can run the pump as long as you want and for absolutely no cost. Few of the benefits of the Future Pump solar pump is that it requires no costly repairs or outages. You can rely on the operational capability of the pump regardless of the water level it is sourcing its water from. One of the important benefits of the Future Pump is that it is not damaged or has outage even with poor quality of water.

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