Products and Services

Products that are easy to install and use, portable, and cheap to maintain

Benefits to consumer

  • Huge savings on money (Less fertilizers, Less labour, less water)
  • Higher output in the same field
  • Less Weed on the field
  • Aesthetic view of the farm

Irrigation Solution

Jain DripTech Drip Irrigation system
Working of a Drip Irrigation System

We offer different kinds of irrigation systems that are suitable for your field and your needs. Our products include drip Kit, Field-ready Insta Kit, Sprinklers, Laser Spray, and Laser Drip. We can design your field to suit your needs and produce maximum yield with minimum fertiliser and water use. These irrigation systems also protect the growth of unwanted weeds that harm the field and attract pests. The use of these irrigation systems can save up to 50% of water.

Water Pumps

Our water pumps are effective for small farms. These solar panels can be used for multiple applications such as charging your phone and supplying electricity for some of your home appliances, and many more. These panels and pumps are light in weight and portable. You can use 1 pump for multiple fields in a day. Also, there is minimum maintenance required to keep them in good condition. Our experts will train you and your labours to keep the panels in good condition for a longer duration. We also offer submersible pumps.

Working of a solar water pump
Solar Water Pump


  • Free Installation of the water pumps and irrigation systems
  • Free Training on the use of equipment and maintenance.
  • Equipment Maintenance (Both Pre and Post Warranty) such as part replacement, oiling, and so on.
  • Field layout design and recommendation for the type of products to be used that is optimum for production
  • On-Demand Demo on the field for selected products and selected places


Flexible Tank
Flexible Tank

We also provide Spare parts of all the agricultural equipment that includes flexible and rigid water tanks.