Cleaning the solar panels

Most of our consumers live in dusty areas which leads to accumulation of a layer of dust on the solar panels. There are many solar panel maintenance companies that provide their services for cleaning the panels. This type of services offered are not suitable and feasible for subsistence farmers. So, here we are going to talk about how our farmers can clean the panels to maintain the efficiency of the solar panels.

The dust can cause a drop in efficiency of the panels because it prevents the sunrays to reach the electricity generating device in the panel. Our consumers use the solar panels not only for farming but also for their houses. Solar panels for home are used for different electrical appliances such as light, mini refrigerator, charging mobiles, and so on. We will suggest some very simple methods which can be used to clean the solar panel kits without damaging the panel and maintaining the efficiency.

Cleaning Solar Panel with a damp cloth
  1. Farmers should be encouraged to clean the panel at least once a month with a dump cloth.
  2. Do not use a wet cloth. It can damage the panel.
  3. Make sure that the panel is disconnected while cleaning. A panel connected to the system will not cause any harm to the farmer but it is recommended to disconnect the system.
  4. Clean the panel with a light hand. Do not press the panel very hard.
  5. Remember to clean the panel especially when there is strong winds in the area.

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