A transition from subsistence farmer to suppliers.

When our founder started Water and Irrigation Solutions Mozambique, LDA, (https://www.wismoz.com) his main motive was to help the subsistence farmers grow and create a good living for themselves and their family. The agricultural land in Africa, especially Mozambique, is very fertile and most of the families rely on the revenue from the agriculture. Africa is also very rich in natural resources and have ample amount of water sources. However, this potential is not utilized as it should be and the result is that the farmers live in poverty. For these farmers to lead a healthy and wealthy life, it is important for them to earn and save money. So, we decided to focus on these two factors that will help these farmers to grow. 

To earn more than what they are currently earning and assuming the fact that they are dependent on just farming, they need to produce more on the same land without any investment. Our agricultural products are designed in way that help farmers to utilize their land optimally and we estimate that they can produce double of what they are producing now. The extra produce will then be sold in the market and in this way a subsistence farmer will become a supplier of food. Our experts also offer training to the field workers to use water and the irrigation system efficiently. 

The other problem that we decided to solve was saving money. Farmers use different agricultural products that consume a lot of electricity ad fuel. Electricity and fuel both are expensive and their price is increasing day by day. With the use of our solar pumps, farmers save the cost of electricity and fuel. With the money that will be saved eventually, the farmers can educate their children or buy clothes for his family or expand his farming land. By using our water pumps, irrigation system, a farmer can not only save money but also help the environment to remain clean. Our solar pumps comes with a solar panel that can be used for multiple purposes such as charging phone, supplying electricity to electrical appliances such as mini refrigerator, bulbs, etc. Here, they save money on electricity consumption.

For the society to progress, it is essential for the people at the bottom to elevate themselves and WISMOZ can proudly say that we are helping that part of the society to explore their potential and grow and compete with others in the same society. 

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